Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why I'm Not A Great Writer (Yet)

Everyone can write, to some degree, when they are feeling any sort of extreme emotion. Fall in love, have a baby? The poetic words will come flowing out of you. Have someone close to you die? Watch the pain scream out from the page.

But the mundane? Writing about the trip to the grocery store, or the traffic home, in an unique and rivoting way? THAT takes talent. Even wanting to sit down in front of a screen and find a way to accurately describe the silly thing that happened takes a whole 'nother mindset.

A completely different perspective. I'm not there yet.

At any given point I have so many half thoughts and dialogues that if I could get it onto paper they would have a chance of life beyond my brain. (A scary place sometimes)

So, that's my goal. I want to be able to write about the mundane.

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