Saturday, May 16, 2015

For All of a Day, I Thought I Could be a Seamstress...

Phoenix ComiCon is the end of this month, and to me, this 4 day event is akin to Christmas or Birthdays to most. I wait ALL YEAR for this and it is ALMOST HERE!!!!

So I am making my costume this year, totally from scratch, and when I got through finding my fabric, picking out my pattern, and successfully doing everything except for running it through the machine, I started getting a little cocky.

I had never sewn before a couple of weeks ago, not a tear or a hem, or even a pillow, until my son started Taekwondo and I needed to sew a patch onto his uniform, but I did it decently enough to think that I could maybe handle making a skirt (and then maybe a top).

Last year I tried to make a Steve Urkel inspired prom dress for Geek Prom, and it's not that it didn't turn out ok because it looked fine, but this definitely doesn't remind me of Urkel...

Those glasses were worth every dime.
So I get these really cool ideas in my head, and whenever I try to bring them to life, my hands and brain refuse to cooperate and I end up with not what I envisioned, and it always looks half done and sloppy. (I was able to reuse this skirt my friend made for me again last Halloween as a cowgirl and it turned out a lot better in that use than this original use)

Anywho, I was excited to see that I could make and then follow a pattern and I sat down in front of the borrowed sewing machine, totally excited that maybe, for once, I could take the picture from my brain and make it a reality. As I was measuring and cutting I had these thoughts about how maybe sewing was a secret talent I have that I just never knew about before now, and how maybe this could be my new hobby... And then the machine jammed. And my phone died.

After about 3 hours, 2 friends, and their father seriously injuring his back playing with the gaggle of children that seem to flow in and out of my life, I realized that sewing probably ISN'T my jam, and that while I will finish this damn costume, and probably make another one again for next year (and maybe December's Fan Fest if I get feisty), I will never be making my own tees or pants for everyday use. The chintzy inside of me is really sad, as well as my poor creative brain. Such is life...

Oh! I didn't even tell you what I'm making! I'm making a Ninja Turtle Prom Dress. I even dyed my hair green to match! :D

Come back next time and I might even share a picture of the finished product!!

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