Monday, October 22, 2012

Here comes the Boom...

Ok, before I go off on my rant I want to take a moment and be happy. Business is doing really well right now, last month was a scary month but we did it and this month has been a good month. A good month following a scary month evens out to.. Well it's not the end of the month yet so I can't tell you yet, but I'm remaining positive. (Heck, I have FREE radio time this week how can I not be positive?!?) ;) I have a GREAT team of more than qualified people that I am happy to cheer on and support and am forever grateful for their cheering on.

Onto the matter that has been eating away at me.


"Oh, I found out my boyfriend is cheating on me.."

"She has this really great opportunity, but she'll have to leave for a year..."

"We really don't get along anymore, but I want my kids to have the same parents.."

"He hits me, but I just know he'll change.."

"We've been fighting this past year, but we both agreed to stop last month..."

Seriously. Does ANY of those situations sound like throwing in crazy, awful hormones for 9+ months and then a completely dependent (and sleep depriving) child into the mix will make it BETTER?!?! What the heck are you smoking?!?

It makes me mad to see so many people trying to fix their relationships by spawning. I love children, I think they are magical, beautiful gifts, but that doesn't change the fact that being a parent is HARD WORK. You have a migraine? Too bad you still have to feed and clothe and take care of your kiddo. Your friends invite you to the bar while your SO is working? Guess what, you're not going.

Most of the people that I talk to that come up with this "genius" plan end up miserable and alone or miserable and feel stuck in a completely avoidable situation... All you have to do is not jump into bed with someone you #1 don't know (gasp!!!), #2 don't trust, and #3 don't love.

If your relationship has any chance of survival, both parties have to want it to, and adding a 18+ year commitment is a pretty stupid way to try to make things better, and from what I've seen is just guaranteed to make things worse.

But hey what do I know? I'm just one gal that have had people talk out their problems to for the last 4 years... Somethings can be figured out without a Doctorate.. ;)

I now return you to your regularly scheduled light-heartedness.

Don't make me rant at you again.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I have something on the important side of things to say BUUUT...

It will take a lot of energy to get my point across and since I am doing a bit of multi-tasking right now, I don't feel like tainting my work stuff with my personal stuff emotions. That being said, I went to the trouble of opening this and I feel like babbling, just not about what I originally mapped out. (yet)

I have a to-do list that is a full sheet of paper plus margins. As responsible as it makes me feel to have it all written down in an organized fashion it also makes me sad. I'd like to think I'm a free spirit that lives and lets live, but as I get older and I add more to my daily juggle (son, housekeeping, husband, running a business, etc) I realize that really I have a pretty scheduled life. I am a creature of habit. (shudder). Heck, I even have my free time scheduled out! Saturday nights are "my nights" where I can not be Megan the (insert responsibility here), and just Megan. It's very nice, and I'm pretty sure if I didn't have that time I would end up batty..

I am originally from LA. Not the "LA area", actually LA, and as such I have a affinity for the beach. There's something soothing about sand between my toes and too cold water on my feet. Last November I took The Monk out and introduced him to the beach, he loved it so much it cost me a phone.
See that black rectangle in the sand on the left? THAT was the best phone I ever had (until I sold my soul to the iPhone 4S but that was almost 9 months later and I still miss that slide out keyboard).
Buh-bye phone....
  And just to give you my mind state when it comes to work: I was worried about the voicemails and my business being unaccessable while I had no phone, where as my friend Kira about slapped me upside the head for not even considering the dangers of driving from Corona to Tempe with a toddler in the car without a phone. I would have gotten there eventually, but I saw my business catastrophe before I considered the more immediate issues. Sometimes I have trouble seeing the things right in front of me, but I have no problem seeing the things far off (either past or future). My step-mom saved my hide and the very next day I was blackberried until I could replace my phone. Shortly after that I gave myself a new line so now when I go on vacation my business phone is safely tucked in at the office.

He loved the beach, even with it being freezing cold out there...
Well, doing this checked off exactly nothing on my dreaded to-do list, but I do feel a ::little:: more focused so I can get my to the actual important things (like my website stuff and a long email times 3 people). Thanks for reading! (or skimming, or laughing at my phone death.... whatevs)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Look at me attempting consistancy and all that jazz...

I love my work, for MANY reasons, I love being able to make a difference I can actually see, I love that there are clients that are also friends, I love that I can speak nerdy and it be about something other than fiction, and I LOVE that I spend my day listening to music.

I am a failed musician. (lol) I played the cello for a few years, took a break then was politely asked to never touch a cello again when I tried to pick it back up. Next was sporadic guitar lessons (but I never owned one of my own until I was a senior in high school). Years ago (prolly when I was 15 or 16) my mom worked part time in a church office so whenever I would go visit her I would go to town on the drums there, but I am the stereotypical white gal with no rhythm so that was more stress relief versus actual music. Also, at one point I sang in the church, but really, they'll let anyone who asks do that so I'm not quite sure if I was any good at that.. My one musical success? I can play Hot Cross Buns on ::almost:: any instrument.  I finally gave up PLAYING the instruments and just surrounded myself with actually talented musicians. Soothes the soul without damaging the ears. ;)

At one point I would classify myself as a fan of all except "country and rap", BUT Jimmy Buffet walks that line of country/rock and he's a personal favorite, and since my bestie has taken up the challenge of teaching me non-ballroom style dancing (which I slightly don't suck at), I have grown a tolerance to the rap genre. I am still very loyal to the 80's/90's punk rock/ska scene, but I like to think I've evolved a bit. My absolute favorite type of music? Wordless. (Kinda perfect for what I do huh?) I love listening to music that can tell a story without needing a singer, that music is the most powerful to me.

Because of that, for work I have handpicked 4 cds (I am fighting the digital era, but that's a whole different topic) out of a series called Musical Massage that I can listen to for months at a time without the need to change. Heck, I had "Balance" on for close to a year until one of my staffers changed it out on me. They are so well done that I have had regulars ask me if they're listening to a new one when it's not. Those cds are special, because they are made to take your mind where it needs to be, to get whatever thoughts you need thought and still maintain the calm.

I've been feeling really antsy lately, and my brain just REFUSES to shut off, so I've been reading approximately 400-800 pages a day on my ereader of choice, but that's just not doing it.. I'm thinking about stealing one of Aydan's Rock a Bye Baby cds and zoning out one night just to try to get my dome straight. It's too late for that tonight, since everyone else is already sawing logs, but that's why I'm typing this out instead. :) If I wasn't so lazy I might take up running, but that involves 2 things I hate more than anything, socks. (One for each foot) I am going roller skating tomorrow night for the first time since summer hit and since I don't have a day to day relationship with socks I'm going to take this as my cue to stop typing and go find a pair...

Au revior!

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