Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Comes with the territory... Doesn't mean it's ok....


So, in my line of work there's the occasional arse who assumes I went to school and received an education just to give them a hand job. I understand that there are people that live with their heads up said arse, and usually I can laugh it off and make them feel dumb for even suggesting it. Usually. I have some pretty hilarious stories that I won't go into here, mainly because they will take away from my point.

Friday I had someone actually grab me and try to physically move my hand. He thought that for $10 (the cost of a deep tissue upgrade) he could take me by my arm and make me touch his junk. Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I'm very proud of myself, because I whipped my arm free and pinned his arm while I quickly finished his arm, moved to the next (and kept it pinned down obviously), touched his neck for all of 5 seconds and ended the session about 7 minutes early. I managed to keep my professionalism and calm, took his money and looking him right in the eye told him to have a nice day.

In my place you might have done different, maybe you would have called the cops or slapped him or... Whatever. In the moment I did what I felt was right and what I felt I could live with. He left, and I went on with my next client. I even mentioned it to a couple of people, but it didn't really hit me until yesterday.

Yes, I am DEEPLY offended, but more than that, I'm worried. I have been in this business 4 years, longer than the time it takes for the average person to get injured, short enough to not be comfortable calling myself an expert. Said person had been on my table once before and I thought him odd, but blamed it on the cultural differences and the fact I was having an off day. Since Friday I have seen 10 clients, and all but 3 of them were regulars. Only 2 of them I didn't question their motives and that's mainly because they both have been seeing me for over 2 years and if they thought I was a hooker, they would've done something LONG before now.

I'm a tough cookie, and I can handle random douchebaggery, but I have people that work for me, that it's my job to bring them clients and keep them safe.


So, I have no solution, I just needed to get this off my chest. Thank you.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Creature Feature....

I. Am... A Starbucks whore. There I said it. Have some bad news to tell me? Soften the blow with a Caramel Frapp. Good news? Punctuate it with the same. Early morning or late night? Sounds like a good reason to go get my Starbucks on.

More than that though, I am very much a creature of habit. When I go get my coffee, I go to a specific shop and I order it a specific way and I take a very specific driving path to and from said shop. I do that with everything. I have 2 paths to and from work that are only slightly different from each other with respects to traffic patterns. I hate being a passenger to any of the places I usually take myself because I cannot stand the variation it brings when I go "not my way". OCD? Probably. I like to call it Extreme Bossiness though. ;)

So this morning I had a couple of cancellations and instead of filling them I decided to be productive. Unless you call a bit of self analyzing productive (which I do, just not work productive) I failed. I had an awesome T/W of being able to cross everything off my to-do list so I didn't feel the immense pressure I usually feel to "catch up" so I decided to treat myself to breakfast. NOT at Starbucks. I decided to go to Einstein Bagel. Yes it was only like half a block away from my usual coffee shop and not even 500 feet from my back up coffee shop, but still, variety. (Also, yes, I have a backup coffee shop, don't poke fun at my crazy.)

I'm doing this whole decide the things I like about my life and ditch the rest process and as much as I enjoy the comfort of my systems, I don't really like the crazy I feel when I deviate. Today was a nice change, and yes it would have been extremely easy to go to Starbucks and get my frapp, but by going somewhere else I ended up having a fantastic breakfast and a non-caramel coffee that was also amazing.

These next handful of months are going to be bringing some MASSIVE changes into every aspect of my life, and I'm nervously excited. Giddy almost. I'm starting this whole process as a caterpillar and I don't see the end result being a beautiful butterfly, but a moth with some kick@ss wing designs? Hopefully.

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