Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Post Election Thoughts From a Silly Pink Haired Gal....

You know what is really crazy to me?

How much each and every person I come across cares about our past election.

I am seeing people heartbroken and truly worried for themselves and their loved ones.

I am seeing people genuinely excited for what our future might be looking like, and how great things are going to be starting now.

If you ask 20 people what the most important thing going on to them is, you'd get 20 different answers because we all care about different things.

I know, I'm young, I'm dumb, I'm privileged and  uninformed... I'm sure you'll come up with why my opinion is wrong compared to yours, it's ok. 

I think the important thing is that the majority of us truly care. I don't know anyone who didn't take this election seriously, and heavily weigh the consequences of their actions when casting their vote. In the past, I've directly interacted with those who didn't have strong opinions on any of the ballot measures, propositions, or candidates. 

Not this time. Every single person I've interacted with this election period has been emotionally invested in this race. Almost everyone has had their big passionate idiot speech about why they have come to the conclusion they have about who is best equipped for the job.

So. Ecstatic for our future or terrified, we have our common thread. It's our desire to make the world a better place for everyone. We all want our communities and lives to be the best version possible, not just for us as individuals, but for our neighbors and grocery store workers we interact with.

I have to believe that we all are trying to do what's right. I have to. If the alternative is that we live in a world with more villains than heroes, more selfish than kind, we've already lost as a society, and there's no point in us anymore. We deserve to become extinct like the dinosaurs. 

Maybe in a few thousand years our descendants can use us for crude oil too.

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