Friday, July 11, 2014

Sliding Doors..

I'm feeling a lot less pessimistic since my last post, I even got out of town for a weekend which was pretty amazing, so here I am. There is a very strong possibility that what I am about to share sounds COMPLETELY wackadoo, so yeah, prepare yourself or whatevs.

There was a movie approximately a decade ago called Sliding Doors, starring Gweneth Paltrow (and a totally fake British accent) that showed the difference her life could take based on a random 5 second event that made her either catch or miss her train home. It floated between the two paths pretty seamlessly, and both paths were pretty bumpy (just one was worse than the other) and the one that ended up being her actual reality, while was pretty brutal, the ending still got her to a point on the path that merged with the other alternative path.

I originally saw, then dismissed this movie as a teenager, mostly because I wasn't at a point where it made sense for me to take anything from it.

Anywho, about 2 months ago I was working and all of the sudden I had the strangest sensation that I was sitting somewhere else, doing something else, with a different person. It lasted maybe 10-15 seconds, but it was strange. I'm calling it a sensation because my body actually felt the different fabrics and the brush of skin against my own. Almost like reliving an intense memory, except that all I have of this event is the memory of itself, no original event to have flashed back to. Since then I've experienced the same sort of thing maybe 3 more times or so and I've been super confused. Netflix reminded me that Sliding Doors existed, and I watched it (and liked it shh) and it got my little brain thinking. What if for every choice we make, or everything we almost do, there's some sort of alternative path that follows to completion? I am definitely a word vs numbers person, but I'm also pretty fact orientated in my thought processes. Honestly, typing this experience out feels like I'm putting my crazy on display, and comparing it to a silly RomCom from the 90's makes me feel like a complete doof, but I can't help myself, I needed this weirdness out of my brain.

TL;DR: I'm quite possibly crazy, or living in a crappy RomCom movie with a small budget. ;)

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