Friday, August 29, 2014

This comes from pure, unadulterated, mindnumbing boredom....

I'm warning you now in case this is the worst piece of drivel you have ever read and you immediately want a refund when finished. Never mind that you're not paying and I'm not refunding. ;)

Today is my office day. Usually the phone is ringing and I am spazzing out about all the millions of things I have scheduled to do that I can't do because I keep getting pulled away. Not today. Today the phone is silent, and I actually got through all my items on my to-do list. I've decided that if it's still this silent come 6pm I am hopping into my sad little taped together car and running for the hills. (Or just my second story apartment.. whatev)

I wish I had some fascinating story I could share with you, or that I could remember what I planned on writing here when I sat down here next, buuuut my mind is numb which translates to blank...

The Monk started preschool 3 weeks ago and is having such a blast... He enjoys getting into his "school clothes" (which the angry teenaged rebel gal is still warring with the laundry is much easier and I don't have to fight over outfits mom over) and he has learned to write him name. Mostly. I say mostly because he really wants there to be an "E" in his name where there is an "A". He has a kickass R2D2 backpack and actual homework. What's homework for a preschooler you ask? Homework for mommie mostly. (Like pointing out the letter of the week out in the real world and finding certain shaped things that I'm ok never seeing again once he takes it to school)

So, life is kinda slow right now, but in a nice, peaceful way. And I am totes going home now.. ;)

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