Friday, April 11, 2014

The Absolute WORSE Advice I Have Ever Received...

Holy Crap Guys. I think I'm starting to take my bright pink blog seriously or something, since I actually am planning out in advance what I'm going to writing about... I actually have a half written in my head blog called "All The Catholic Guilt without the Theology", that was next in my queue that none of you knew existed, that I'm bumping back to share this following information.

I've reached the point in my break up that people that aren't privy to my personal life have started to notice that I haven't mentioned my ex recently, so the innocent prying of "I haven't heard much about XYZ lately, how're things doing with him?" has been coming up more in conversation. Which then is usually followed by the "Oh no!!! How are you doing dear?!?" Annoying, but they mean well so I try not to be a hag about it. Except for one lady. "Oh no! You poor dear! You're a single mom now?!?! Well. Let me tell you, you need to go find yourself a handsome married man, sleep with him, then threaten to tell his wife unless he takes care of your bills for you."

Um. Wha? Holy Horrible Stereotypes Batman! You sure did just make a WHOLE lot of assumptions in 60 seconds. First off, my ex and I are on pretty good terms, and ::if:: I needed more help to take care of my son, he would help me figure things out. Secondly. I don't even have nice words to say about the advice I was given so I'm just going to leave a pair of googly eyes right here and let it be known that I am still flabbergasted, and that THIS is why I hate people. O.O

Anywho, there's a handful of questions that seemed to be the FAQs of someone getting a divorce that seem highly inappropriate, but are asked anyways so here's the common 3 I get, with my answers.

Why Did You Guys Split? Helllllo there person just arriving to the party! You are just finding out about something that happened months ago, why do you think you have any right to know the private details of why we split? Anywho. To ease minds, neither one of us are cheaters or beaters so you don't have to pick a side unless you really didn't like one of us anyways. ;)

Is He Seeing Someone Else? Honestly? I dunno. I don't think so, but that is none of my business anymore, and the next time it will be my business is when there's someone in his life important enough to introduce to our son. We tried to be the really cool ex-couple that could talk to each other about stuff like drinking buddies do early on, but we're not. So we don't.

Are You Seeing Anyone? Juicy question.... None of your business. I know! I'm so horrible! Trying to keep my private life private! Refer to question one. If you are just finding out about this, what makes you think you have any right to know anything else in my life. Don't you think that if I thought it was important to mention I would? Really, the only people my dating life should matter to is to someone who is trying to date me, anyone else it's just being nosy. Besides, I'm kinda of the belief that if you need to know something you do. If you don't know, it's none of your business. ;)

So angry at me right now I know!!!! How dare you with such an active social media presence try to claim privacy!!! But think about it. The outrage is coming from people that see my cute kid, my career, and that I'm snarky and think I'm hilarious. I control what I share in the public eye, not you. Most people see what I let them see, and that's a bunch of fluff about glitter and shiz. If you feel like you are someone who should know these things ask yourself when the last time we spoke was. Then get over yourself. ;)

Until Next Time!!

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