Friday, January 3, 2014

Isn't it Ironic?

Man, how I wish it would have started pouring rain as I typed that, then I could've pretended I'm psychic... ;)

So, growing up I was a Huge Tomboy, and in some respects I still am (see favorite comics, movies, video game and collectables as examples). In jr high and high school I refused to carry a wallet (because then I'd need a purse and I had a hard enough time dealing with my backpacks) so I had things organized by pockets. Money in one back pocket, notes and important papers in the other, one pocket for my chapstick and the last for my keys.

I hated coins. They clanked around, made me sit funny and were just all around obnoxious. I'm a little (a lot) stubborn and I became extremely annoyed at the existence of non papered money, so I found a solution... I tossed the coins. In the trash. Every time I was given some.
Mind you now, money was in very short supply growing up so this wasn't some flippant act, this was hatred pure and simple.

Fast forward to today where my apartment does NOT have laundry on-suite, but instead I must go down a flight of stairs and over into the laundry room and pay $2.50 a complete load, in quarters...

Sometimes life teaches you lessons by making you re-examine past decisions, because being a grown woman now, I can tell you with complete confidence: I was a dummy literally throwing money away. I bet The Universe is chuckling at me right about now. Bonus? I can chuckle now too and realize what a bonehead I was... ;)

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