Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'm Not Dead!!!!!

So, I'm a busy gal, and I have a post hanging out in my drafts that I started while on vacation (that happened middle of July); then worked on some more 2 weeks afterwards and then fell asleep while writing it. I think the universe was telling me not to post it so I'm keeping it a draft. It's SUPER witty though, and I totally give one of my sisters and one of my besties crap for both living so close to the beach and never going. Part of its problem I think is there's too much back story needed for it to make sense so if you don't know me very well it would make your head spin.

Anywho. Hello again, dear anonymous eyes. Summertime is almost over, but since I live in Az its still hot as ever and its still "summer" until Halloween. Summer has been crazy busy at work and I'm looking forward to things slowing down a bit so I can catch my breath. I had some goals I set for my business at the beginning of the year and because of some hiccups I'm starting to wonder how far I get to go before 2012 shuts down. I'm super lucky to be working with the people I'm working with and we're digging in trying to undo the impossible. I do my damndest to make sure they know how much I appreciate them, but sometimes I think when I'm hard on myself it feels like I'm being hard on them.

OH! Potty training is amazeballs. I was a pet owner for YEARS, but being a parent means that the older the kiddo gets the less poop you have to touch. Don't get all squeemy on me, cat person, dog person, any pet other than fish, you're touching poop. Score like 50 points for parenting versus petarenting. (Yes. I made up a word. Deal with it.)

Well, I guess since I'm NOT sharing my analogy on dealing with life using the different ways to body surf as examples I'm just going to close this out and maybe read or get my Who on, but I will at least try to sleep.. Until next time!

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