Saturday, December 29, 2012

When Death Calls....

So usually when I'm typing away here I have about 8 to 10 windows open and I am taking a break from my Extreme Multi-tasking while working on my dearly named, Crappy Little Netbook. The weekend before Christmas Eve I was the incredibly smart, klutzy gal I am and spilled water on the keyboard. Luckily the screen was already starting to flicker and die so I had an inkling that death was near.

About 2 years ago I spent $50 at Sprint and got my friend the CLN and self contained internet. Safe to say, I got my money's worth out of it. ;)

After Christmas, I went to Best Buy and bought my business a brand new laptop!! Come the 3rd, we also will have super spiffy Business Class High Speed Internet at my office. (Written in all caps to imply excitement of the nerdy kind.. Hopefully my receptionist will be as excited as me).

Slight problem: Looks are very deceiving and I am the exact opposite of tech savvy and my new tech came loaded with Windows 8.. I was shown a sneak peek of Win 8 about 4 months ago by someone who was not impressed by it so it confuses me. I almost feel like I should take a class in it or something...

Anywho, I'm on vacation for a few more days and my CLN with self contained internet dying has drastically changed my super plans of productivity. I'm not complaining since I've really enjoyed the downtime, but believe it or not, the untimely death has also pushed this post back, oh jeez, a week?

I can use my phone to write (what I find to be) witty one-liners to FB, but it's kinda hard to think quasi-serious thoughts worth sharing when I'm staring at a bright pink phone case, and a keyboard that I can only type one letter at a time on. Also, since the moment passed, my thoughts on people sticking their heads up their bums when it comes to the December Holidays would just seem ill-timed and awkward. Luckily people stick their heads up their bums all the time so I'm sure I'll have another opportunity soon.

And for the slow, most of my post titles are songs. I find them to be catchy attention-getters, don't you? ;)

Until next time!

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