Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Growth in the Strangest of Places...

So I have this thing on my neck, it kinda looks like a welt except that it is purple and kinda moves....

KIDDING. Not that kind of growth.. ;)

So I'm sitting here at work, waiting for my gal to finish up her last appointment and I encountered a situation with a past client who INSISTED she waited so long to come in again to see me. She LOVED the last massage I gave her and she just HAD TO see me again. Guess what. She was booked with not me, but the other gal on staff. She insists that she made sure to book it with me and that the phone call she had (over a month ago by the by) specifically stated it would be with me.

Guess what. I don't do massages on Tuesdays, or usually Wednesdays for that matter. The only reason I happened to even be in the building when she walked in was because my other LMT had an early day and my Front Office Manager called out sick and I'm not a big fan of working alone in the dark. Originally, my plans for tonight involved  taking my son to see Santa, so if today had gone how I had planned it yesterday, I wouldn't have been around when she got here.

She stared at me with big, begging eyes. I asked her if she wanted to keep her appointment or reschedule. She hem and hawwed, with a question on the tip of her tongue. I kept cutting my paper snowflakes, and purposely quoting Clerks because 1) I knew she wouldn't catch it and 2) Rarely do I get to insert movie lines into day to day conversations with strangers..

So where's the growth? I didn't answer the question she didn't ask. Well. Technically I totally answered it, just not the way she wanted me to. Rewind to her last visit and I totally would have offered to do the session for her (which would have been a jerk move to do to the person scheduled to do the session), OR I would have offered to comp it for her since there's a chance she won't like the session. I did neither. I was polite and stood my ground and if she had decided to reschedule she would have had to wait until next year when we re-open just like everybody else.

Boom. Growth.

 ::drops mic, walks away::

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