Friday, May 17, 2013

All in the life....

For the last 40ish minutes I have been curled up next to my son's toddler bed, legs cramped underneath his mattress, my weight being split between my bad wrist and my bad hip cuddling him back to sleep since he had a nightmare. 
Do I feel like a flipping pretzel? Yes. Will I do it every single night for the next year if he needs me to? You bet your sweet arse I will. 

That's the thing no one ever really talks about when you become a parent, how all of the sudden every single decision, as minuet as what kind of milk you buy to as major as where you live, and how long you stay at work, all revolves around this small (then not so small) life.
I come across all sorts of people, and it really strikes me to see people with kiddos that treat their kids like fashion accessories or even worse, burdens. Those people are always looking for someone to pawn off their kids to anyone willing, and using their kids as an excuse for leading a crappy life. If anything, having a kid should inspire you towards a better life, not keep you stagnant. 

Bottom line? If you have a kid (or children) and its not the greatest thing that has EVER happened to you, you're doing it wrong. 

Now, to end on a COMPLETELY different tangent... I hate that my condo's landscapers blow all their dirt and trash onto my patio, every. single. week. Ugh. 

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