Saturday, January 1, 2022

Another turning point…

 It’s done! The movers have long come and gone, and aside from 2 boxes and an old laundry hamper of /stuff/ I need to figure out what I’m doing with, I’m unpacked. In my home. 

Sure, I now have a dry erase board filled with my “new home to-do list” and I’ll slowly be adding/replacing furniture for the foreseeable future, and throwing up my art, but I’m here. 

The other night I was going to my room for the night, turned around and looked down the hall into my living room, straight through without any boxes in my way, and I just… giggled. 

I moved from my home in elementary school to a house I was stuck in until I was 17 when I moved out on my own. I have moved almost 20 times since then, embracing the hippy gypsy blood in my veins at first, and then eventually getting increasingly tired the more I moved. My son has none of my wandering soul and for the last 8 years every time we’ve had to move I’ve felt increasingly like a failure to him.

There is a lightness in my chest that I have never felt before. I’m grounded, and have found my place to make roots. I’m excited to go into my bathroom cabinets in 5 years and find something I forgot I had. I bought rose bushes yesterday I’m planting in honor of my Umpa that passed a couple years ago. There’s a strip of fencing in my backyard not covered with trees I’m going to plant sunflowers in, and there’s a newer tree that I hope one day I’ll have grandkids climbing when they visit. 

I’m home. 

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