Monday, September 21, 2020

Time keeps moving forward...

 I’m moving. Again. Once again deciding what parts of my life to keep, and which to toss. I am so very excited. Big changes are happening, just by moving, all the pieces are adjusting, and shifting to make a different shaped life.

I am so excited, I feel like my heart is going to BURST.

I am so terrified, I feel like my heart is going to burst.

The older I get, the more responsibilities I take on by myself. The last times I’ve moved I’ve had friends/lovers/people who owed me favors show up and help me. 

I don’t think anyone owes me any favors anymore, and my oldest friends either live far away or are slowly being replaced with people who fit better, so I’m sort of in a weird spot. I have people I’m comfortable theoretically asking for their help, but not anyone I think would say yes, or would actually show up, OR if they did show up, that I wouldn’t feel totally awkward and like I’m imposing. 

There’s a lot of stairs in my future. And I have a lot of furniture. Movers? Is that how solo anti-social/awkward adults do things? Pay strangers to haul their shiz? 

Cool. Now to see if I can get my kid to actually help pack this time around....

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