Monday, December 3, 2012

This one's for you....

I have a friend, who has been my friend since we worked at a no longer in existence toy store about... Jeez... Almost 10 years ago. (Can you FREAKING believe it?!?!) She lives far away now, but whatever words come out of my "mouth" (fingers?) tonight are all because of her. ;)

I was going to write something dedicated to the Hubs, but he's sitting next to me, and I feel camera shy so... Something else will go here right now. What, I'm not sure, but, ::insert words here::.

Right now the TV has switched to infomercials, and until I saw the doctor's name I thought they were calling him Dr. Ca va (French for "okay") which I though was pretty ironic. Even now I'm not convinced, but that could be because Cindy Crawford is trying to sound smart. I miss good infomercials, like the one for the Magic Bullet. I loved the cranky lady in the rollers with her cigarette hanging from her lips... But I digress...

One of the gals in my building wants to have an Open House to help grow her business. I'm really excited and since I just threw one in February at my old office I have the plans fresh in my mind. It was her idea, but I have kinda taken over, I have the time and I LOVE a good party. I feel like something has shifted this year, like the standards have gotten higher. Maybe because this is falling in December, but I feel like I need to be on my "A" game.For the first time in my life; I. Megan E Mc.... am worried about an outfit. Times two, maybe three. Holiday parties have dress codes, and I know of two for sure and a possible third I am attending. Sometime in the last months I went from being a "Young Adult" to just an "Adult", and if I'm not mistaken that changes the rules of the game. To what exactly I'm not sure, but I don't want to lose.

Life sure is a strange thing.. One day I'm buying shirts for $0.50 at second hand stores, the next I have standing hair appointments. Weird.

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