Friday, December 14, 2012

The One That I Want

So I was listening to the radio the other day and the song "The One That I Want" from the movie Grease came on. (Yes, I listen to weird radio stations, what?) I was stuck in traffic so I sang along and I thought of the "acting" that goes along with the song. Go ahead, I searched high and low and then remembered YouTube exists to find this.... Oscar-worthy performance... After you watch, email me and we can laugh about how once upon a time people pretended John Travolta could act, it'll be fun.. ;)

Quick recap: Bad Boy meets Good Girl, have a super sweet summer romance where he doesn't get laid (but lies about it because he has a rep to maintain) and then they break up so she can go home to Australia (?? maybe, I'm not wikipedia, and I am NOT re-watching that entire movie). GG stays and meets a spunky smartass and her girl gang. Everything is fine and dandy until the boy gang shows up and BB is the leader. Again he has a reputation to uphold so plays the D-bag card and she ends up throwing pom-poms at him. (Somewhere she became a cheerleader, because they're known for their wholesome life choices?)
Anywho, they are each other's "True Love" and they both separately decide that the ONLY way they'll be happy is if they can be together.
John Travolta secretly goes to earn an athletic achievement letter (because nothing says I Love You like a preppy sweater) while Olivia Newton John decides that morals and clean lungs are for sissies and she sews herself into a pair of hot pants. Roll clip now....

All done? Has your breathing returned to normal after having to watch the hip thrusting and excited faces? Good.

So, I guess the moral here is, you should only be with someone who loves you enough to be willing to change every single thing about them to keep you, and you should love them exactly the same. Any mis-balance and you can find yourself in the worst situation possible.

Now, since John and Olivia lived in the wonderful world of Happily Ever After, they both were willing to change completely so I imagine they had a conversation when they flew off in Grease Lightning (not a mis-type, I remember that car flying) about coming to a happy medium. Also, there was a baby scare and a dropped out of school story line, but again HEA so they all cartwheeled away with huge smiles.

The real world is not that pretty. Doesn't even come close, but wouldn't it be amazing if we all tried to love that strongly? Reminds me of another movie, Pleasantville.

I don't know any real life Sandy and .... whoever John Travolta played, but in a world filled with baby-momma/daddys and 3 or 4 time divorcees, it sure would be nice to see more in it for the long haul couples who aren't in the high school delusion.

Side note: My last post left me sour, I almost deleted it, but that seemed juvenile so it's not going anywhere. I really wanted to make my dear friend smile, but as soon as I sat down to type my head just wiped itself blank. I will do my best not to pollute your eyes in the future. ;)

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