Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gardens, and other procrastinating thoughts...

Well hello there! I am supposed to be doing a VERY tedious task that involves spreedsheets and other nonsense that fall into the category of "Things No One Told Me I Would Have to Do When I Work For Myself". I'll finish it... eventually (before Wednesday)... but I am so not into it, I just re-organized my entire front patio.

My favorite movie growing up was The Secret Garden. I loved the idea of a hidden garden paradise just waiting for me, to the point for many years I collected any lost keys I came across (the stranger the better), just in case one of them opened MY secret garden. This also led to a not so safe habit of trying any door I came across, luckily I wasn't one that people noticed and I kinda blended into the background, if not I would have gotten in A LOT more trouble as a kid.

Since I'm no longer ::quite:: so foolish I have taken up the more adult version of having a secret garden - I buy plants and put them around the various patios I have lived in... Sometimes I manage to keep them alive for months, and whenever that happens it usually means I'm doing a pretty decent job at balancing work and home. Buuut eventually it happens.. I'll miss a day, then a day turns into a week and then, before you know it the super cute Christmas tree I was trying to keep from last year is no more than a fire hazard, and my patio is no more than a cemetery for flowers and succulents.

So back to my patio. About 3 years ago I got a Chia Herb Garden for Christmas and I was actually able to keep that going until we had to move. I accidentally broke one of the pots in an Megan the Klutz move but I still keep it, because ONE day I will have my little herb garden again. (Heh) In my reorganization I decided to make the patio a little more Aydan friendly. I rearranged his basketball hoop and his little table and put his bike at an angle he might actually use it, then I got my version of creative. I took all his outdoor chalk and made 4 bouquets to put in my little herb garden pots. It's colorful and pretty and can substitute for real plants until life settles down again.

OR maybe I'll just buy more outdoor chalk and make a chalk garden.... Since I live in Arizona they'd never be washed away... Maybe I'm onto something here..... Hurm.....

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